Oversized Candy Stick - Sparkly Squish

Oversized Candy Stick - Sparkly Squish

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Plain yarn with speckles of red and dark green with glittering gold stellina.

I was once given an oversized candy cane at christmas with the following note:
"Uses for your Oversized Candy Stick:
- sword fights
- door stop
- ornament that will be so heavy it breaks your tree
- attempt to eat it until your mouth gets all sore and you shove it in the back of your drawer and forget about it until a month later when you're cleaning and find it covered in mystery fuzz"

Four of a kind and will not be repeated. Make a unique christmas sweater! 

Sparkly Squish

84% Superwash Merino Wool/
16% Sparkling Gold Stellina
Worsted Weight
Recommended Needle: 4.5-5.0mm
115 g / 210 yards

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